Auto Collision while Driving for Work

Question: I was hit from behind by another car while I was making a delivery for my employer, and was injured. What are my rights?


There are two avenues for you to collect your damages. First, since you were making a delivery as part of your job, you are entitled to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will pay your medical bills and temporary total disability for the time missed from work, as well as additional awards in the future.

In addition, you have the right to recover against the driver of the other car or their insurance company. The amount of money to which you will be entitled is, of course, dependent upon the nature and extent of your injuries. It is important that you seek proper medical treatment for your injuries so that you will be justly compensated for the degree of pain and suffering you have experienced or may experience in the future. Many injuries fall into the category of “soft tissue” injuries and symptoms don’t always surface immediately. Long-term treatment is often required to alleviate these painful symptoms and such types of injuries can, in fact, result in permanent, degenerative difficulties.

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