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Even though bankruptcy laws changed drastically in 2005, bankruptcy is still an option for individuals who have been backed into a financial corner by overwhelming credit card debt, illness and medical bills, divorce or other financial hardships.

Estates With and Without Will

When a person dies, he may or may not have a Will. If they have a Will, it is called testate. If there is no Will, it is called intestate.

Mentor Divorce Lawyers

After intertwining your life with that of another, separating the two can be difficult. At the law firm of Sternberg & Zeid Co., LPA, in Mentor, Ohio, we guide clients through the often challenging process of divorce. Our attorneys each have more than 30 years of experience, allowing us to effectively and efficiently resolve even the most complicated legal matters.

Mentor Estate Administration Attorneys

After the death of a loved one, administrating a will may be the last thing on your mind. Nonetheless, it is important to begin the process of organizing the financial affairs of the deceased and determining his or her wishes with regard to his or her property. At Sternberg & Zeid Co., LPA in Mentor, Ohio, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience with probate and estate administration. We charge reasonable fees to guide our clients through the probate process, and we handle nonprobate transfers and will contests. For a consultation and to begin the estate administration process, please contact our office for an appointment.

Mentor Estate Dispute Lawyers

Any person "interested" in a Will or codicil may contest its validity. An interested person has been defined as one who, at the time of the commencement of an action to contest a Will, has a direct pecuniary interest in the estate of the putative testator that would be impaired or defeated if the Will is found to be valid.

Mentor Family Law Attorneys

In a family conflict, the best results are achieved if the dispute can be resolved through reasonable negotiation between the parties. That being said, there are some situations where friendly negotiation is impossible.

Mentor Personal Injury Attorneys

In the aftermath of a serious injury or accidental death, it is important to meet with an attorney to discuss your situation before agreeing to a settlement with an insurance company. For more than 20 years, the attorneys of Sternberg & Zeid Co., LPA in Mentor, Ohio, have successfully served injured people and their families.

Mentor Probate Administration Attorneys

When someone dies, it is necessary to transfer their assets to beneficiaries. If he/she were alive, they could simply sign their name and the assets would be transferred. But they are not alive and we must find a way to transfer the assets without their signature. That is one of the purposes of Probate Court.

Mentor Real Estate Attorneys

Experienced real estate attorneys play a vital role in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. If you are a business owner or an individual involved in selling or purchasing real property, speak to the knowledgeable lawyers at Sternberg & Zeid today to ensure your rights are protected and that no issues will arise after your transaction is complete.

Mentor Surviving Spouse Rights Attorneys

In Ohio, you cannot disinherit a surviving spouse. Regardless of what the Will says, a surviving spouse has rights under Ohio law.

Mentor Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

After an on-the-job accident, your employer may tell you that you don't need a lawyer to get workers' compensation benefits. But, if you do not consult an experienced workers' compensation attorney, you may miss out on many disability benefits your employer is not obligated to tell you about.

Probate for Estate without a Will in Mentor, OH

When there is no Will the Ohio Revised Code section 2105.06 provides who gets the assets when there is no Will in summary.

Probate Procedures

This procedure generally applies where the assets of the estate are less than $2,000 or the amount of the funeral and burial expenses.

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