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Rights of a Surviving Spouse

In Ohio, you cannot disinherit a surviving spouse. Regardless of what the Will says, a surviving spouse has rights under Ohio law.

The basic rights available to a surviving spouse are summarized as follows:

  • Right to two automobiles not specifically bequeathed. (R.C. 2106.18)
  • Allowance for support. (R.C. 2106.13)
  • Right to occupy the mansion house for one year. (R.C. 2106.15)
  • Right to elect to take under deceased spouse’s Will or under R.C. 2105.06. (R.C. 2106.01 through R.C. 2106.11)
  • Right to receive the mansion house as a part of intestate share and family allowance. (R.C. 2106.10)
  • Right to purchase property from deceased spouse’s estate. (R.C. 2106.05)
  • Miscellaneous rights.

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