Do You Need an Attorney when the Motor Vehicle Collision was Not your Fault

Question: I was involved in a multiple car accident in which I was rear-ended. It was clearly not my fault and the police report states so. One of the parties involved filed suit against everyone involved. Should I hire a lawyer or let my insurance company handle it?


You can do both. You can retain your own attorney who would represent you for your personal injuries, if any, loss of earnings, if any, etc. Your insurance company, on the other hand, will hire an attorney to represent you, but only in DEFENSE of the claims made by the individuals who are suing you. The insurance company lawyer will not represent you on any of your claims for the injuries or losses you suffered arising out of the incident. The bottom line is this: If you DID NOT suffer any personal injuries, there is NO NEED for you to hire your own lawyer. If you did suffer injuries, then it would be worth your time to talk to an attorney who would represent you for your damages. However, if you did not suffer any injuries or losses, just let your insurance company deal with it.

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