Low Impact Collision

Question: I was involved in a car accident five months ago. One month ago, the insurance company of the person who caused the accident informed me that they were not going to pay my medical bills. They stated such due to the fact that there was not any property damage to my vehicle. Is that they way the law works?


The short answer is NO, that is not how “the law works”. It is, however, how insurance companies work. Typically, insurance companies attempt to draw a direct correlation between the amount of property damage sustained by a motor vehicle in a collision to the severity and degree of personal injury to be expected from such a collision. However, the human body does not react to such over-generalized measures. During the 25 years of our practice, there have been a number of times when individuals suffered VERY significant injuries associated with minimal impact; and, on the other hand, there have been times when individuals have suffered only minor cuts and bruises from a major impact. Often times, we like to remind insurance adjusters that the type of work we do and the type of claim you have is a PERSONAL INJURY claim. Said another way, everyone’s injuries are personal to themselves. Two bodies experiencing the same trauma will, undoubtedly, have to distinct and individual reactions. Nevertheless, it is not surprises, but it is disappointing, that the insurance company has taken the position that you have indicated. Thus, if you wish to have some compensation for your personal injuries, it is likely you will have to retain an attorney to do so.

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